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Two kinds of hardwood and other facts to know

Most know about solid, but engineered hardwood is taking the wood flooring industry by storm.

It’s more stable and a little better able to handle water, so it appeals to those who love the look of wood, but also want some practicality. Ask your flooring retailer about it.

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Both are made of genuine timber and increase your home’s value. They’re also very stylish; you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see a big assortment of species (domestics and exotics) for both types of hardwood when you walk into a flooring store.

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Solid or engineered?

Solid is one slice through the plank. It adds a rich, warm charm to any home, but it can be damaged by excess water. It also expands and shrinks with the humidity level, although that can be easily handled with acclimation.

The only difference between the two is the construction. Engineered has one thick slab on top, and underneath are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with some resins. The layers are placed crosswise which is what gives it stability. Since it’s not as easily damaged by water, there’s a little more flexibility in installation possibilities.

While it, like solid, should not be installed in bathrooms or other high-moisture areas, engineered is fine for half-baths and powder rooms or floored attic spaces (the Texas version of a basement).

Hardwood flooring

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Care is easy for both

Just vacuum regularly (please remove beater bars if you have them) and wipe spills immediately (even engineered doesn’t like to be submerged in puddles). Employ some everyday rules, such as strategically placing mats at entrances or in front of sinks and using protective pads on furniture when moving.

Both can be refinished

Solid hardwood can be refinished six or more times. With engineered, thickness counts and these floors can be refinished sometimes as many as five times if it’s thick enough.